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Laminated Safety Glass

SSG® DuraSafe is a range of laminated safety glass formed by two or more pieces of glass bonded together by a tough, durable interlayer under heat and pressure. When broken by impact, the glass will adhere to the interlayer and stay in the frame hence minimising the risk of injury from sharp edges and strongly resisting penetration by the impacting objects or person. As such, it is classified as a safety glass. With the interlayer acting as an additional barrier, SSG® DuraSafe also provides superior sound attenuation and is used in acoustic glazing.

Specialised interlayers available are Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or SentryGlas® (SG). The standard range of PVB colours in the Vanceva colour system allows the creation of more than 1,000 different tints from a palette of 9 basic colours and 2 translucent white interlayers befitting to your design requirements.

When combined in multiple layers, laminated glass develops as an excellent security counterpart as it can become burglar-resistant or bullet-resistant. For significant improvement in thermal and acoustic performance, SSG® DuraSafe can also be combined with an insulating glass unit for a 3-ply glazing unit.

SSG® DuraSafe is certified to AS/NZS (Australian Standard / New Zealand Standard) 2208 and AS/NZS 2080 standards.


SSG® DuraSafe laminated glass can be formed using a range of monolithic glass in our Design range such as Ceramic Frit glass (SSG® DuraScreen), Digital Print glass (SSG® DuraScreen-DigitalPrint) and Low Iron Glass. It is also available as laminated tempered glass using SSG® DuraGlas-T.

Other custom combinations are also available upon request.

SSG® DuraSafe adheres to the interlayer when broken, hence reducing the risk of dangerous glass shards injuring people or damaging properties. In horizontal or sloped applications, SSG® DuraSafe prevents glass from falling out.

SSG® DuraSafe tends to resist impact. In multi-ply configurations, it can even resist bullets, heavy objects, or small explosions.

Acoustic Barrier
The dampening performance of the interlayer gives SSG® DuraSafe its sound-proofing properties and is thus used in acoustic glazing. It helps to absorb unwanted noise from traffic, aeroplanes, lawnmowers, and power tools outside for peace and tranquillity.

Heat Insulation
The PVB in SSG® DuraSafe can reduce solar energy transmittance which cuts down on cooling loads, saving energy.

Ultraviolet Screening
SSG® DuraSafe screens out over 99% of the damaging UV rays (wavelengths 380nm and below), protecting interior furnishings, displays or merchandise from the fading effect of UV radiation. However, it still allows for the transmittance of visible light that is required for photosynthesis in plants.

Disaster Protection
SSG® DuraSafe can serve as a deterrent to injury and property damage during hurricanes, earthquakes or small explosions. The glass tends to remains in the frame following impact, helping to protect the interior of a building.

  • Canopies
  • Ceilings
  • Control centres & sensitive research centres
  • Façades
  • Glass floors
  • Glass roofs
  • Residences
  • Side panels & partitions
  • Skylights
  • Staircases
  • Overhead glazing
  • Underfoot glazing


Production Sizes

  SSG® DuraSafeSSG® DuraSafeSSG® DuraSafe-SGPSSG® DuraSafe-SGP
Interlayer Thickness (mm)0.40, 0.80, 1.600.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.520.761.52, 2.28
AnnealedMinimum Size (W/mm x H/mm)300 x 300300 x 300300 x 300300 x 300
Maximum Size (W/mm x H/mm)2,200 x 6,2002,500 x 6,2002,500 x 6,2002,500 x 6,200
Heat-TreatedMinimum Size (W/mm x H/mm)300 x 300300 x 300300 x 300300 x 300
Maximum Size (W/mm x H/mm)2,200 x 5,7002,200 x 5,7002,200 x 5,7002,200 x 5,700
Translucent Colour
Opaque Colour
Glass Thickness (mm)6.38 to 80.56.38 to 80.56.38 to 80.56.38 to 80.5

Specification for this product varies. Get in touch with us for more information.

Click here for DuraSafe performance chart : SSG Laminated – Glass Performance Data

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