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Concealed Point Glazing

SSG® Concealed Point Glazing (CPG) System is a specially designed proprietary point fixed system that is concealed within the laminated glass façade structure. Traditional structural glazing systems have its point fixing elements designed to flush with the glass surface. However, through the development of technology and materials, it is now possible to have a seamless exterior glass façade with the adoption of the SSG® CPG system.

The unique SSG® CPG System has its fixed elements permanently secured onto the inner glass of a laminated glass construction, while the outer glass is left intact without any holes. This allows the outer glass to act as a protection layer for the point fixing system. In addition, the outer glass in its entirety provides an uninterrupted surface finish for the glass façade, reflecting modern architectural beauty.

The SSG® CPG System is ideal for very demanding situations requiring seemingly uninterrupted surface between the glass and structural support elements. It is immensely flexible either applied vertically or horizontally, and can be easily incorporated to meet any architectural designs. The SSG® CPG System allows the glass to appear “clipped” onto the wall.

System requires concealed counter-sunk fittings.
Fittings will still be visible with most glass unless fitted glass or opaque interlayers are used.

Unique Design
SSG® CPG System offers a unique design concept for structural glass façade, creating an impression that the glass surface is unsupported and suspended. This allows for beautiful façades unmatched by any other means.

SSG® CPG System is very versatile and can be used for very complex and demanding situations. The flexibility of the system in design and applications can easily incorporate glass and its supporting elements to meet any architectural or structural requirements.

SSG® CPG System is extremely robust and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to adhere to safety requirements in façade engineering with the most suitable materials available.

Enhanced Safety
Incorporated into a laminated glass composition, the SSG® CPG System integrates as a permanent part of the structural glazing system, which will help to hold the glass in place in the event of glass breakage thus protecting lives and reducing property damage.

The SSG® CPG System provides protection in situations where point fixing is not to be exposed externally. Technically, a counter-sunk fitting is embedded within the laminated glass, thereby protected from the external environmental and weathering conditions.

  • Airport terminals
  • Covered canopies
  • Entrance features
  • Façades
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Lift enclosures
  • Office buildings
  • Shop fronts
  • Shopping malls
  • Walkways
  • Flooring

Production Sizes

Suitable for glass of 18mm to 26mm. Get in touch with us for more information.

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