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Light Redirecting Glass

SSG® RetroLux Therm Micro 12mm is a double-glazed glass with a specially formulated light redirecting property. It uses retro technology and dichotomous bifocal louvre shaping. Retro technology mirrors solar radiation out while the latter contributes to the angle selectivity of light reflection and redirection.

There are two sections of louvres within on SSG® RetroLux Therm Micro 12mm system – O and U. Type O is used from 1.8m and above while Type U is used below 1.8m.

Each type of louvres has two halves. For Type O, the first half of the louvre horizontally redirects and distributes the light into the room at a wide angle. The second half of the louvre retro reflects sun rays outside to reduce solar irradiance. For Type U, the first half of the louvre prevents overheating of the interior by reflecting light radiation out. The second half of the louvre reflects light in steep angles onto the ceiling which brightens up the room.

A lighting designer is required to calculate angle of light redirection and also to consider factors such as orientation of building, direction of sunlight and landscape.

Ultraviolet Screening
The usage of Type U louvre causes a larger amount of solar irradiance to be reflected back into the sky which prevents overheating of the interior. It also reduces harmful ultraviolet light from entering the room.

Daylight Illumination
The usage of Type O louvre ensures illumination of the room by redirecting light horizontally across the room.

Heat Insulation
The feature of the double glazed glass allows the internal environment to be well insulated from any external weather conditions, thus occupants will not be greatly affected by temperature changes.

Viewing Freedom
The installation and usage of SSG® RetroLux Therm Micro 12mm does not compromise any viewing pleasure at eye level as the louvres are horizontally assembled. This provides a win-win situation for all areas of maximum light illumination, reduction of solar irradiance and the ability to indulge in the pleasure of scenic viewing.

  • Classrooms
  • Offices/ Commercial Buildings
  • Art Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Gymnasiums

Production Sizes

Minimum Size (W/mm x H/mm)Maximum Size (W/mm x H/mm)
300 x 300*Approx. 2,500 x 5,700

Click here for performance chart : SSG Double Glaze – Glass Performance Data

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