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Ultra Clear Glass

SSG® Low Iron Glass is a unique ultra crystal clear glass which displays none of the faint greenish tint apparent in most standard ‘clear’ glass. This product is characterized by its crystal clear appearance and high light transmission (≥91% of visible light), and is significantly less green in appearance. SSG® Low Iron Glass enhances the appearance of natural materials. Where edges of the glass are exposed as a design feature, the contrast in terms of clarity is even more apparent.

SSG® Low Iron Glass is suited for many applications where the primary requirements are purity of colour and optical clarity. It is excellent for use in glass applications where optical clarity is not to be compromised. When colours are used whether in silkscreened or coated glass; or when decorative interlayers are introduced (in the case of laminated glass), its perfect clarity ensures true colours are seen and optimal vision quality is achieved.

Coated Glass Choice
It is the perfect choice as a base glass for ceramic frit printing, coated glass and coloured interlayer laminated glass as it will bring out the true colour of the finished product.

High Optical Clarity
SSG® Low Iron Glass provides extreme clarity for applications requiring minimal impurities in vision, thereby allowing the natural colours of a displayed product to be viewed through a glass partition.

High Visible Light Transmission
SSG® Low Iron Glass enables high light transmittance to illuminate the interior. The amount of light passing through the glass easily exceeds any other types of glass available for the same thickness to create the right amount of lighting for your environment.

  • Commercial buildings
  • Display cabinets
  • Furniture and doors
  • Glass façades
  • Interior decorations
  • Partition walls
  • Shop fronts and showrooms
  • Shower glass doors / screens
  • Wall cladding
  • Glass Integrated Photovoltaics

Production Sizes

Maximum size: 2,500mm (W) x 5,700mm (H)

Click here for performance chart : SSG Glass Performance Data

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