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Anti-Condensation Glass

SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass is a heated glass designed to prevent the onset of condensation on glass. Condensation is a natural phenomenon that happens when the external surface temperature of the glass drops below the point at which the air cannot hold any more moisture; therefore, water droplets start to form.

Condensation in buildings is an unwanted problem as it causes mould growth and corrosion of building materials, which leads to a weaker building structure. Besides building envelopes, it can also be used in F&B industries where crystal-clear optical displays of chilled food and drinks (e.g. cakes and wines) are important in making a good mouthwatering first impression to diners.

SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass works by keeping the surface of the glass warm, thereby preventing the formation of water droplets.

SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass may be used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications that require active condensation control and high light transmittance.

Fun Fact:
It has made the journey to the freezing cold Antartic Ocean, where it was installed for one of our marine vessel projects.



SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass is available in laminated or insulated glass to provide further mechanical strength and safety.

Colour Neutral
SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass is colour neutral. Together with high light transmittance and minimal haze, SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass offers optical clarity.

Short Lead Time
SSG® Anti-Condensation Glass is available in a variety of glass thickness and large sheet sizes, and is readily available for significantly reduced lead times and better control of costs.

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Refrigerated food displays
  • Wine cellars
  • Electro-optical industries
  • Marine glass of ship bridges

Production Sizes

Minimum Size
(W/mm x H/mm)
300 x 300
Maximum Size
(W/mm x H/mm)
2,500 x 5,180

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