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Fire-Rated Glass

SSG® FireShield is a fire-resistant glass with mechanical integrity and thermal resilience. It offers a passive protection as the glass panels will be able to physically contain the fire, delaying cracking and breakage of glass due to thermal shock or massive stresses between the hot and cool sides.

This blockage of unwanted heat and smoke transfer across rooms or clear partitions allows us to buy time and a safer route for evacuation. In addition, unlike traditional wired-glass, SSG® FireShield provides greater impact resistance and eliminates the danger of wire-cut injuries. SSG® FireShield offers a 30-minute rating (FS30) tested according to fire safety standards and impact safety rating. It can be applied on partial or full-sized fire doors and partitions.

Fire Safety Regulations
SSG® FireShield adheres to fire-safety regulations BS476:1987 and impact test BS6206.

Keeping smoke and flames within the place of ignition will facilitate evacuation as it allows victims to breathe at ease in unaffected areas.

Excellent Optical Quality
SSG® FireShield with an excellent optical quality retains the beauty of glass, while allowing clear vision. It is thus advantageous over wired glass in terms of aesthetics.

  • Corridors and passageways
  • Doors
  • Enclosures
  • Fire-exits
  • Lobby entrances and porches
  • Partitions

Production Sizes

Maximum Size: 2,000mm (W) x 2,862mm (H)

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