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LED Façade Display

SSG® Media Façade is the seamless integration of LEDs directly within an insulation glass unit to form a LED screen. This technique enables the possibility of having a media screen without the need for support structures to hold it in place. Traditional support structures are usually unsightly and places additional stress to the building due to their weight. In additional, they also disrupt the architectural design of the building on the whole.

SSG® Media Façade does not obstruct vision. The LEDs appear transparent when they are switched off which allows occupants to have a freedom of view through the clear glass. The insulation property of the double glazed unit it also retained.

This modern technique allows information or advertising message to be displayed on the façade through the lighting of the LEDs. Such information can also be modified anytime due to the flexibility of the LEDs, proving it to be user friendly.

Heat Insulation
The insulating glass unit protects and increase the lifespan of the LEDs while reducing thermal heat transmission into the building.

Modern Design
Since LEDs are directly places within the insulating glass unit, there will be no negative effects on the overall structure of the building.

  • Building façade

Maximum Size
(W/mm x H/mm)
2,700 x 3,500
TransparencyPixel Pitch (mm)Transparency (%)
No. of Colours1 billion (10 bit)
Power Consumption0.12 – 0.15 W/pixel

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