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Anti-Reflective Glass

SSG® LUXAR is an anti-reflective coated glass that provides improved visual transmission, picture clarity and reduced glare with its very low residual reflection. Traditional glass reflects about 8% of the incident light. SSG® LUXAR, however, reflects only about 0.5% of the incident light, allowing 99.5% of light to pass through without unwanted reflections or mirror-like effects. It is thus used in structures where the crystal-clear quality of glass is key, such as retail displays, stadiums, and viewing galleries.

SSG® LUXAR provides a new dimension for glass as it is seemingly invisible with almost no reflectance or colour distortions in transmission. Produced with a durable multi-layered optical thin coating with Magnetron Sputtering Technology which performs like hard coating, it can be tempered, laminated, double-glazed or silkscreen printed. SSG® LUXAR is available on regular float, low iron and tinted green and grey float glass. For laminated glass application, single side coated SSG® LUXAR should be used with the uncoated side facing the interlayer.

Performance Information

Performance comparison of SSG® LUXAR products

Glass Make-upLight Trans. (%)Light Ref. (out %)Solar Energy Trans. (%)Solar Energy Ref. (out %)SCU-Value (W/m²k) (Summer)
6mm Low Iron Glass9198981.035.7
6mm Clear with
Anti-Reflective on surfaces #1 and #2
13.52mm Clear Laminated with
Anti-Reflective on surfaces #1 and #4
6mm Low Iron with
Anti-Reflective on surfaces #1 and #2
13.52mm Low Iron Laminated with
Anti-Reflective on surfaces #1 and #4

Additional Information

Residual Reflection< 0.5% of Anti-Reflective coated on both surfaces
Colour of Residual ReflectionNeutral
Colour Consistency in TransmittanceNo colour shift


SSG® LUXAR can be used in laminated or insulated glass to provide further mechanical strength and safety.

SSG® LUXAR is produced by Magnetron Sputtering Technology which creates a superior hard coating finish. The multi-layered coating of metal oxide does not corrode, but is hard wearing and durable. In terms of abrasion resistance, SSG® LUXAR is comparable to regular clear float glass.

High VLT
SSG® LUXAR improves transparency and increases light transmission with its high degree of clarity and non-reflective surface.

Optical clarity
SSG® LUXAR reduces glare, mirror-like effects and reflections to a minimum. With a reflection of less than 0.5%, the non-reflective properties are optimised for direct viewing of the glass, making it almost invisible.

  • Airport enclosures
  • Building façades
  • Control and surveillance rooms
  • Hotels
  • Information displays
  • Interior decoration
  • Picture frames
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Scenic restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Shop fronts and showcases
  • Stadium VIP lounge

Production Sizes

Minimum Size
(W/mm x H/mm)
300 x 300300 x 300
Maximum Size
(W/mm x H/mm)
1,900 x 3,0052,500 x 5,700
Glass Thickness (mm)Standard Clear, Low Iron: 2 to 12Varies
Green, Grey Tinted: 6Varies

Click here for performance chart : SSG Glass Performance Data

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